Scavenger Date Night

Published April 11, 2012 by theprioritymale

By Cari Andreani

Who says you are too old to play games? We don’t! In fact, it is so much more fun to play games when you are older. Something about them brings out the kid in you. 🙂

So the ladies who write this blog and I decided to do a “Scavenger Date Night” with our spouses. Kristin and her husband Shaun Staley, are some of the most creative people I know. So we put them in charge of coming up with a fun night for us. Jenna and Owen came, Melissa and Jaime came, and then of course Juan Luis and I were there- and we ready to conquer!

We met at the St. John’s Town Center, a shopping area where there are lots of stores and restaurants to scavenger through. We met at 5:00pm at the fountain in front of Maggiano’s and were given a list of items to collect. The couple with the most items by 7:00pm wins. Then it was off to Cheesecake Factory to display our items and experiences. Thanks to smart phones, some items on the list were video or picture related. (That was the entertainment watching those videos over dinner!)

Items on the scavenger hunt included: A credit card application, business card, perfume sample, and shoebox. Video and picture items were worth two points. (These were what we went for first! ) They were things like: Take your picture in front of a fountain, find a book by an author with your first name, video a group member directing traffic, and (this one was great) video one of you doing a cartwheel! We learned quickly who was shy and who wasn’t. Going up to total strangers and asking things like their shoe size, and singing and dancing with strangers made the night so much fun!

I had so much fun conquering that list with my husband. It definitely created team work! I also learned more about my husband. For example, if we had to sing a song with a total stranger- he wasn’t doing it! What? My dare-devil husband will go 120 MPH on a motorcycle, but is scared to sing with a stranger? So that one was up to me. (And the two men we stopped to sing with us thought it was great!) I realized I am more comfortable with making a fool of myself than my husband I guess.:)

I thought this was such a fun way to spend an evening with friends. The competitive aspect got your adrenaline going. The risk factor of making a fool of yourself added to the fun too. And to top it off, sharing the stories of how we got our items and watching the videos was hilarious! It is amazing what some will do to win a scavenger hunt! Which by the way- Melissa and Jamie are the reigning chaps! Great job guys!!

Creating fun nights like this are good for a marriage! Click on the “Great Ideas!” page for our complete list and pictures of our scavenger hunt and then plan one for you and your friends! You’ll have so much fun! And isn’t marriage supposed to be fun!


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