God Wants You Happy!

Published June 7, 2012 by theprioritymale

By Cari Andreani

“Ask and receive that your joy may be full” John 16:24

God wants you to be happy- and God wants you to be happy in your marriage. Recently, I was having a hard time where I saw such great strife between my husband and my teenage son. I am sure this is very typical, but for a mom to watch, it can be very hard. My heart was broken and I felt stuck in the middle. I spoke to my son about doing things with a good attitude and not taking things too hard, but it didn’t seem to help. I would also talk to my husband in private about how I felt he was being too hard on our son, and it just made things worse. So- I prayed.

I began to pray that my son would honor and respect his father and that their relationship would be close. I prayed my husband to be controlled by the Holy Spirit and would soften his heart toward his son and see him as God does. I wrote out a simple prayer and prayed it over my husband and son everyday. And within days I  began to see the fighting lift. I felt our home have a new peace in it within just a few days! It was amazing! It reminded me too that we as moms and wives want to fix things, but only God can work on someone’s heart. Something I was trying to do for weeks wasn’t working, but when I gave it to God within days I saw a difference! What an awesome God we serve!

The truth is Satan wants to steal your joy, but God wants you to be happy. So if there is something that just doesn’t seem to be changing- or it’s even getting worse- let me encourage you with this: Pour your heart to God and cover the situation in prayer. Don’t feel like you have to fix it. Give it to God and let Him work it out.

“Ask and receive that your joy may be full” John 16:24


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