Book Reviews

 For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn

I recently read the book “for women only” by Shaunti Feldhahn. I found this to be a fascinating “short and to the point” book about the inner lives of men. Shaunti uses national surveys and personal interviews to come to a consensus about what men think about their desires, secrets and fears that most women are clueless about…especially me! There were so many revelations that she describes that could have been about my husband and other men I know. I can honestly say that once I finished reading this book, I have a much better understanding of my sweet husband. It is my desire to love and support Jamie the way God intended, and this book helped me to be more aware of my actions and words and how they affect him.

I recommend this book not only to married women to help grow a deeper relationship with their husbands, but I also feel the information helps me to relate to my son and other men in my life.

The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman

A book that I highly recommend for married couples is The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. This book was very insightful to me, as Dr. Chapman explains that not everyone shows or accepts love in the same way. He has concluded that there are five basic types of love languages. As I learned more about the different languages, I realize that my husband and I “speak” different love languages. Once we determined what meets our needs best, we can fill each other’s “love tanks” by speaking each other’s love language. What a difference this makes! Sometimes just an uplifting word or a simple hug is just what I need, not a clean car or dozen roses! Knowing I am meeting my husband’s needs by speaking his language is so fulfilling to me. I enjoyed reading the true stories. It is a great read for both husbands and wives to read together. I believe using these love languages will make for a great foundation to a happy marriage!

-By Melissa Belt


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